Christmas is here.
The trees are decorated.
The cookies are frosted.
The presents are opened.

Yet, in a few short days, it will all be gone.
Things returned, decorations disappearing, the jolliness becomes a faint memory.  Even the angels on top of the tree are returned to their boxes, not to see the light of day for 11 more months, gathering dust.
Sometimes, I dust off past Christmas memories. Christmas has always been my favorite time of year.  There were gifts, of course, but most are wasting away in a landfill somewhere. The cookies have long since become a couple extra pounds, old trees are firewood burned ages ago, and there are moments where even my memories seem to fade back into the dust. The Christmas of present seems to not live up to what I want it to be, just an echo of the glorious mornings of Christmas past.

Echoing their glorious strains.

Does this Christmas feel different to anyone else?
I long for the times of timelessness from the past, a break that never ended, a snow that always pristine, and a day that was filled with joy.
Don’t get me wrong, this has been a delightful day, but after a year of change, hurt, pain, anger, and so much for so many people, it seems like Christmas is just a gasp for air at the end of a sprint where you were behind the whole race.

There are days when I wonder why Christmas gets all the attention in our country. The entire month of December, and (part of November) is set up for one big moment, and then it’s done in a second.  The year turns, and we are back to where we at, usually busy, miserable, and waiting for the next big distraction. Is this what Christmas has come to?

Is this what my Christmas, our Christmas, has begun?
So this is Christmas.

And what have you done, another year over,
Another year over.

And a new one to

they told me, pa rum bum bum bum
There is another part of this story that needs to be told.
there is this one thing that never gets old.
There is another thing to behold.
Come all ye faithful!

See, despite everything that I get told by commercials, by movies, by everything, there is something more.
Something that will not go away.
Something that is important each and every day.

Come and behold him!

Something about this season. Something about this time of year that means something more. Something that is wonderful.
something that makes us
Fall on your knees


That thing, that thing is the reason why Christmas is actually
a night divine


That thing, that thing is the reason we can have
Joy to the world
That thing is that

the Lord has come.


See, Christmas is not the presents, the candy, the cookies, the snow, the trees, the ornaments, the things, the things, the things,
That’s not what it is.

What it is is a revelation.
A mitigation
An expectation
An invocation
A declaration
A salutation,
An exclamation
Our abdication
Our confirmation
Our Transformation.
Our Salvation

Christmas is not a day, it’s a way

Christmas is not some gifts and a tree, it is the moment we were made free.
Christmas is not just a season, it is something to believe in.

Christmas is not a moment.
Christmas is every moment because Jesus is here.
Jesus is here.
Jesus is here.

Go tell it on the Mountain.

Go tell it that,
Christ the Savior is born!

Go tell it that tonight,
The little Lord Jesus’s asleep on the hay.

Merry Christmas everyone.


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A ginger just trying to figure out life.
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