Why do you look for the living among the dead?

You know what is crazy? Easter was 4 days ago. Just four short days ago, we were singing “Jesus Christ is Risen Today,” and all was beautiful. The smiles around church always remind me of how exciting it is to  realize that Jesus did indeed rise after three days, and gives us the opportunity to be reborn as well. 

And yet, just four days later, Easter seems like a distant memory. We have all returned to our lives, and while we still worship an amazing God, the focus on how Jesus has been resurrected has faded. 

It is easy to focus on a living Jesus on Easter. 

It is much harder to focus on that just four days later. 

Just four days later, I am back to my routine. As soon as Easter ends, I seemingly find myself in the same cycle of wake, work, and sleep. I find myself focusing on minute details like homework when just a few days ago I was focusing on the incredible news that Jesus is alive. 

And thus, I feel that one particular verse needs to stand out from the story of Easter. 
Luke 24:5b says, “The men said to them, ‘Why do you look for the living among the dead?'” 

It is appropriate right now as it was back then. 

Why do we look for the living among the dead? Don’t get me wrong, the Bible, Church, and the Liturgy all breath life into our faith. But far too often we forget about the things actually breathing: the people around us. 

For too many people, Easter is about an appearance at Church to be reminded that Christ is alive. And then we far too often forget that Christ IS STILL ALIVE when we walk out the doors. If Christ is truly living within all of us, then why don’t we acknowledge his presence there? 

Look, I get it; it is easy to go to Church or open your Bible and be reminded of what Christ did. It is much, much harder to go outside or open your eyes to what Christ is doing. 

But whether we acknowledge it or not, Christ is moving in this world. I want to be a part of that movement. However, that starts with me taking the first step.

We need to start looking for the living among the living. 




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