one ninety.

Today, I reluctantly handed a cashier an exorbitant amount of money for this heavy bundle of paper that they like to call a college textbook. The funny thing is, though, as much as I was complaining inside and out about having to cough up even more money to the textbook publishers who have already robbed me of hundreds, I became irrationally upset because the cashier gave me back $1.90 in change. As for me, I HATE HAVING COINS IN MY WALLET.

It was upon this feeling that God proceeded to remind me that he has a fantastic sense of humor. As soon as I walked out of the bookstore, I was approached by a man on the sidewalk who asked me, “Hello sir, could you please help me out? I need some money for the bus. It’s $1.90.”


Let’s backtrack a bit. Recently, I’ve felt like my relationship with God has been alive-on-the-outside-so-that-everyone-else-can-see-how-awesome-i-am-but-completely-dead-on-the-inside. It has been stagnant and has felt lukewarm and has been way more exhausting than I have felt in a really long time. Honestly, I haven’t known what to do to have a passion for Jesus once again.

But then this very small interaction with this man was God’s way of telling me: “I know that you are having a difficult time obeying me and listening to me right now, but right now I’m going to make it so easy for you to follow my commands that there’s absolutely no way you can say no to me.” And then I gave. It wasn’t even hard. In fact, it was for my “convenience” that I did so.

God is teaching me that the words ‘no’ and ‘Lord’ cannot be in the same sentence. I cannot call him ‘Lord’ and ‘Master’ and say ‘no’ to him. So, it is my prayer and plea that I grow a deep foundation and deep roots in saying ‘YES LORD.’

So it’s time to take it back to one of those old 90’s classic worship songs:

“Yes Lord // Yes Lord// Yes, Yes Lord…


~ Kyle Mark Sebastian


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A ginger just trying to figure out life.
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