For those of you that don’t know, I am incredibly blessed to be a part of my university’s speech team, and it has truly been a transforming experience for me. This weekend, I have been in rural Wisconsin with the team. We are ramping up for our national tournaments, and we have devoted this weekend for practice, teamwork, and fun.

Ultimately, for the majority of the past two days, we have spent our time pouring over our speeches, ensuring that each and every word that we say is exactly what we want to say. More importantly, what we want them to mean. As I have sat in the midst of my friends, my teammates, my speech family, I have come to an incredible realization:

My words matter. A lot.

I know that I have always been good at speaking. For some reason, I have been giving the gift of feeling energy rather than an urge to vomit when I stand to speak in front of a large group of people. I can take that energy and speak.

But what on earth am I saying?

Again, I am realizing just how much my words mean.
It is easy to stand and talk. It is much harder to speak meaningful words.


What on earth am I saying?

I don’t know why people choose to listen to me. But they do. Because of that, I have an incredible responsibility, perhaps even a burden, to ensure that my words are meaningful.

But what on earth am I saying?


If someone chooses to listen to me, I have to realize that they aren’t just enjoying the soundwaves coming out of my mouth. No. They are waiting to hear how I craft the words, the messages, the story.

So what on earth am I saying?

What on earth should I say?

And I come down to one answer.

If people are going to listen to me, I have to speak words of kindness.
If people are going to hear my story, I have to craft a story of passion.
If people turn to me when I speak, I have to create a message of hope.

In short, I have to speak love.

It is so easy to turn to words whose sole purpose is to tear others down.
It is so easy to create stories of sarcasm, sass, and scorn.
It is so easy to drive messages of manipulation and pain.


Why? Why on earth do we default to speaking anything and everything but love?
Why is an affirmation, an apology, an act of love so hard to convey?
Why can’t I always choose love when I speak?

I know my words are important. I know that the words I say to my little brothers and sister have the potential to give life, but also the potential to tear them down. I know that the words I use with my friends can draw them in or push them out.
Most importantly, I think I am finally realizing that the words I choose can create love or create pain.

I don’t want to ever hear that I am causing someone to move away from love. I want to know that the words I am choosing to use are bringing people together. Always.

I want to speak love.

Here’s the deal, I want you to tell me if I am not speaking love. I want you to call me out when my words are pushing people away. I want you to reprimand me if my message is not always one of love. This is going to be a constant battle for my tongue, but it is a battle that I know I have to undertake.

However, this is not just my battle. I fully believe that all of us, Men and Women, Religious and Non-Religious, Extroverts and Introverts, Young and Old, need to know the power of our words. Imagine how our world could change if we made conscientious decisions to pursue love with our words. I believe, no, I know that we would change the world.

I want to speak love.

I encourage you to do the same.



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