Let Heaven and Nature Sing


Sometimes, life just feels right. 


I am so incredibly blessed to live in a place like The Foundry, where my brothers in Christ constantly uplift me, support me, and love me. I was reminded of that tonight in way that completely shocked me. 

Now let me be clear, I love the Christmas season. I love the songs, the trees, the presents, the decorations, even the eggnog. Ok, maybe not the eggnog. However, growing up, my favorite part of Christmas was when my church would turn off  all the lights at the midnight Christmas eve service, and we would sing Silent Night together. In that moment, life just seemed right. Heaven and nature sang together.  
But too often, my mind immediately went back to the presents, the cookies, and the rest of the holiday season,

However,  this week, for perhaps the first time, I have seen the true light of the Christmas season. 

I saw it in the camaraderie of friends. 
I saw it in the joy of candid photographs. 

I saw it in the love conveyed by an engagement ring. 
I saw it in the relief of study breaks. 
I saw it in the embrace of a father and his son. 
I saw it in the giddiness of laughter. 

I heard it in the jubilant chants of, “You’re here!” 
I heard it in the soft whispers of, “I love you.” 

I heard it in the echos of feet as they danced to Christmas songs.

I felt it in the warm hug of a bittersweet goodbye. 
I felt it in the tingling warmth of cider running down my throat. 

I felt it in my midst. 

It was here.  

I realized something tonight that had never really crossed my mind before: Christmas goes beyond Christmas. 

Christmas doesn’t end when the last present is opened,  or the final cookie is eaten. 

No Christmas ends when we stop acknowledging the joy of Jesus in our lives. It seems so easy this time of year, to love others, to feel joy in their presence, to serve others, and to find joy in them, but it doesn’t have to end on the 25th.  Why can’t we keep Christmas in our lives, and interact with others with an eternal Christmas spirit? 

The point of this season is to prepare for the coming of Jesus. He brings us hope, peace, joy, and love. But he doesn’t stop bringing those things as soon as the calendar turns. Why do we ? 

It seems like in this season, everthing can seem right. 
But I want heaven and nature to sing every day, and that starts with remembering Christ, and Christmas, each and every day of our lives. 

Merry Christmas 🙂 




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