Fenced In

Street lights flicker on and off, rain drizzling on your skin. You can’t see much, but that has less to do with the darkness as it does the tears welling in your eyes. You continue walking down the road, muted to the noises of the night, and the sounds of the silence.

As you continue walking, you suddenly encounter a large fence on your side. You walk past it, not thinking another thing of it. Yet, something catches your eye. Through the cracks in the fence, light spills onto your feet, illuminating small strips of light along your path.

But you keep walking.

You deserve the rain.
You deserve the tears.

You deserve the darkness.

Yet with every step, the light spills out in tiny strips onto the sidewalk. Most of your path is covered in the dark, but the fence gives you something to look at on the ground.

Each step alternates between light and dark.

You look up from the sidewalk for a second, and you notice that your whole path is striped.




The rest of the night is pitch black, and something intrigues you about these stripes.

Finally, your curiosity proves too much,  What could possibly be so bright that it would illuminate stripes of your world, and draws you in like a moth to a lightbulb? You stop in your tracks, and slowly walk to the fence. Pressing your eye to the crack, you gasp.

All you see is light. It blinds you momentarily.

And slowly, slowly, the warmth of the light seems to seep into your bones.

The interesting thing is, you still don’t know what it is: you just know how it feels. After walking in the dark for so long, this glimpse of light is all you need.

Taking a breath, you soak in the moment. You turn back to the sidewalk, but the strips of light seem brighter now.

After seeing the light, it is amazing how much brighter it looks in the pitch black of the night.

Smiling, you glance at the fence one last time. It is amazing how not even the fence or the dark can hold back that light.

You keep walking through the dark, but each step through a strip of light means a little more now.

The night is still black, but it is amazing how the warmth of the light stays with you forever.

Psalm 119:105

*I wrote this after reflecting on how dark and empty the world seems sometimes. But it seems that when my world is darkness, God’s light appears brightest, even if the light isn’t very bright at first glance. It was the easiest way to respond to a God who constantly pursues me, leaving small reminders of his sovereignty and compassion, but rocking the world around me with love.*



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