Filled This Heart

The greatest things we desire for ourselves are nothing in comparison to the greatness of God’s desire for our lives. Our imagination and perception of awesomeness and goodness is insufficient. It is not enough. We are too easily pleased.

And what would it mean to know that there is literally nothing we can do to change how God feels about us?

Our job is literally to be loved by God.

Because he loves us.

Because he loves us.

Because he loves us.

Because he loves us.

Because he loves us.

(You get the picture 🙂 )


To this day, the greatest glimpse into what that sentence means was during a missions trip during the summer after my sophomore year of high school. If I had a written testimony, this would be a part of it. I have these words written in my journal, along with some grammatical and stylistic corrections because 15-year old Kyle was still learning how to write (19 year old Kyle, for that matter, is much the same):

I’ll never forget that night. My youth group was having a time of worship on a small hill overlooking a beautiful view of the beach and ocean. While singing, I began to rock back and forth. Then God hit me. My right hand started to shake and I started to sway. As we began singing “I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever”, God literally struck me down and I started shaking to the point that my friends had to carefully help me lie down on the floor [think of Holy Spirit power like electricity and being zapped by it for the first time, except THIS WAS HOLY SPIRIT POWER]. It was amazing. I had prayed earlier for the trip that God would make me experience something awesome. Well, this was that something. After the shaking, God was telling me that all the lies that I had been listening to [for a big portion of my childhood about lack of worth, etc.] were all false and that I didn’t need to listen to them. Then I began to laugh and God’s joy completely poured over me. After that I began to cry and felt God’s love in even more powerful ways [talk about experiencing the entire range of human emotion]. What happened next was that my tongue and mouth started to shake uncontrollably, prompting my youth pastor to ask me to begin praying for my friends. I prayed for three people that night and I felt that God poured into my mind everything that he wanted to tell them in that moment for me to say out loud [this was later confirmed by my friends as scarily (but awesomely) on point]. I then felt compelled to go for a walk on the beach, and all of a sudden my legs started to move quickly and I was running faster than I ever have before in my life [my friends tell me that I was running so fast that they couldn’t see my legs]. I then prayed that God would fill me up with even more of him, and for whatever reason I decided to pray for a huge wave. I walked back towards the hill, and about fifty feet or more inland from the tide, where I was standing, I was ankle deep in water because of a huge wave that had just come. I began to splash around and I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing. I ran back up the hill and these are the words that I have for a song.

Now, it’s been nearly three years since that night but I almost feel like this story has just now culminated through the fact that I have finally finished a recording of that song. And I can’t thank God enough for how he has…

Filled This Heart

Our job is literally to be loved by God.

~ Kyle


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