Hey Everyone 🙂

In the excitement of a new blog to write on, I just thought I would share an incredible experience that I already experienced here at the house. This past Monday, I was pretty sick and had a pulsing headache after a frustrating day of work. Walking up the stairs into the house, I could hear loud music pulsing through the walls and I got ready to have a conversation about respecting noise levels in the house. I took a breath, and pushed open the door. Standing in my living room were 20 people that I had never met before and a man playing a guitar. From the inside, I could hear that this was worship music, and each person was singing their heart out. I stopped in my tracks. Never in my life had I entered my dwelling to find a full fledged worship service happening in my living room. Given the circumstances, I did the only logical thing I could: joined in and started to sing. For the next two hours I stood and worshiped with the people in my house. The spirit was moving in ways that I had never really experienced before. When the songs finished, and everyone reconvened, I looked around the room for the first time. There were people who lived literally miles from our house who had met up to praise and worship our Lord. I met some incredible people that night, and I am so excited to get to know them even further. I was just amazed at how refreshed we all left the house that night, refilling our cups with God’s love.

I am so incredibly blessed to be living in this house with these guys. I pray that I will be able to bring them as close to the Lord as they are bringing me.



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